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產品特點 Product features



Features: Sandblasting machine is mainly used in electroplating, paint, coating area to-be-covered before piating; Old way of refurbished cleaning; Metal products and plastic, crystal, glass surface trace eliminate scattered, dumb, surface process to enhance the grade of the product's surface; Machining parts tiny burrs purify; Increase the metal surface hardness, eliminate stress such as spring, mechanical cutters, etc.; Metal and non-metai products surface etching pattern, writing and prevent slippery processing, such as marble, seals, and handle prevent slippery, etc. The machine is applied the range: applicable to small and medium-sized general of workpiece and high hardness workpieces quickly sandblasting. Such as engine fittings, valves, heat treatment workpiece, etc. This machine has novel, scientific design and reasonable structure, convenient operation, processing superior performance; Gush arenaceous speed, the impact point at deep.

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